NDL's Digitized Contents Transmission Service for Libraries

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to inform you of the service that will begin in April 2024.

In the Digitized Contents Transmission Service for Libraries (hereafter referred to as "the Service"), Patrons at partner libraries subscribing to the Service can browse provide nearly 1.8 million digitized contents including books, periodicals, rare books and old materials.

Exquisite Patterns: Japanese Textile Design Books

‘Exquisite Patterns: Japanese Textile Design Books’ film is now available on the BLPlayer at:

The video showcases the British Library’s collection of kimono pattern and design books. It displays the variety and vibrancy of these works, from their origins in the mid-17th century until the early 20th century.

FutureLearn: Travel books

Dear Colleagues,

The British Library is delighted to announce a new FutureLearn course entitled Travel Books: History in Europe and Japan which will run from 27 June 2022 for 3 weeks. The course looks at how books travelled between Japan and Europe from the 16th century and how this promoted cultural exchange and influenced individuals and society.

The course is a collaboration between Keio University and the British Library, featuring experts and treasures from both institutions.

Kuzushiji workshop 2022 accepting applications

The NIJL/EAJRS Kuzushi-ji Workshop will be held online between 20 and 23 April 2022. This year, the Chester Beatty will provide some of its collections for the workshop. The workshop is free of charge. If you wish to apply for the workshop, please fill in the application form, and submit it by 13 March. The detailed information can be found in this PDF

The Prussian Expedition to Japan 1860/61 & The Origins of the Japanese Collection of the SBB-PK

2021 marks the occasion of the 160th anniversary of the conclusion of a treaty of amity, commerce and navigation between Prussia and Japan in 1861. Due to the pandemic the jubilee of “160 years of German-Japanese relations” could neither attract much attention nor be celebrated accordingly. Nevertheless the Specialised Information Service Asia (FID Asien) of the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin-PK (SBB-PK) would like to present at the end of the anniversary year its virtual contribution by the release of two thematic portals on its platform CrossAsia (crossasia.org).

Kuzushiji workshop 2021 (online / Oslo)

Date: 3 days: 21-23 April 2021, 10:30-15:50 (Central Europe Summer Time)

Instructors: Professor Yamamoto Kazuaki, first 5 sessions on 古典籍. Associate Professor Ōta Naohiro, last 4 sessions on 古文書.

Committee Members: Akira Hirano, Naomi Yabe Magnussen, Izumi Tytler (adviser)

Format: ZOOM (supported by Oslo University). 3 sessions a day. 70 minutes a session. Each session had lecture part and practise part.